connecting with god and connection with others

It is our desire to connect with each other, not simply as believers, but as family.  And we also want to connect to God in new and deeper ways as we develop a lifelong relationship with Him.  Only in this context can we truly live the lives God calls us to live.  From this flows life, the abundant life Jesus describes.

We believe in families and want to see families grow.  This includes ministry to individual of all ages as well as strengthening marriages and family relationships.

We believe in discipleship.  Discipleship is learning to follow Jesus obediently in every aspect of our lives.

We believe in the mission.  God has called us to represent Him to our community and to the whole world.  We are tasked with growing His kingdom, not our own.

Assemblies of god fundmental truths

Central to our faith are the 16 Fundamental Truths of the

Assemblies of God. These time proven and scripturally tested

principles form the basis of our beliefs and teachings at Victory. 

For more information on the 16 Fundamentals click here.